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payments innovation


Use Blusalt developers-friendly payments, banking and cards
RESTful APIs to embed full scale financial and payment products
into your apps.

Create amazing experience for your
customers using global embedded Fintech

Digital Wallets

Embed Blusalt Wallet to drive payments and card issuance capabilities, effortlessly and allows full customization of financial products including accounts, hold funds, pay-ins, pay-outs, pay bills, transfer and rewards all with the ease of a single integration.

Global Payment

We empower global money movement by embedding world-class APIs designed to make the complexities of global commerce and payments flexible within your apps. This allows you to create accounts, store and manage funds for payments across the globe.

Currency Conversion

Accept and hold funds in multiple currencies and issue branded cards with the currencies you need for your business, while managing FX at market-beating rate in your apps

A powerful, all-in-one embedded fintech platform design for ease and convenience

A powerful, all-in-one
embedded fintech platform
design for ease and convenience

Card as a Service

Card is the most used payment rails in emerging markets, Blusalt allows you to instantly setup, create, manage and distribute physical and virtual cards with our modern cards issuing API with a single integration & commercial agreement.

Banking as a Service

Blusalt banking-as-a-service API allows you to build seamless banking products and embed a complete suite of financial services in your marketplace or platform. With a single integration that enables your customers to have bank accounts, hold funds, deposit and withdrawals funds, pay bills, and manage cash flow.

Payment as a Service

Provide a market leading processing speed and intelligent Payment Platform for Banks, PSPs and Merchants allowing them to build and embed payments experience to serve their customers with competitive and innovative payment products that perfectly match their businesses

Invoicing & Subscription

Our global invoicing and subscription API has a built-in features to automate one-time and recurring collection, reconcile payments and overall revenue capturing experience.

For Developers & Businesses

Integrate our APIs to create your own payments and financial products into your customers’ apps

A turnkey vertically integrated APIs
to build fast, launch fast and
monetise quickly.

Build Your

Payment Apps
Digital Banks
Card Issuance
Lending Apps
Investment & Trading Apps
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What Do We Do?

Building the Future of
Financial Services

Provide unparalled accuracy that proactively
prevents fraudulent behaviour. Blupipe makes
it easier to prevent fraud, streamline

We offer a great developer experience and the best configuration and integration API to connect you to onboarding, payments, cards and banking cores.
Digital Trust
We provide modular and easy to integrate for you Launch your product in as little as one Integrate in minutes to build with our customized embedded fintech solutions for your business.
Our embedded platform provides customers with a full range of features and capabilities, plus the onboarding, compliance, dashboards, reporting release management and many more.
Our team provides the hands-on support you need to execute your vision and find solutions for a smooth launch and maximum scalability.

Our Target Customers

Blusalt APIs allow seamless
integration into your services,
providing what you need to build.

Our Target Customers

Blusalt APIs allow seamless integration into your services, providing what you need to build.


We provide platform to accelerate fintech launch - you focus on innovating, prototyping in and launching your amazing fintech idea and we


We provide customisable payments, banking and card options to banks and financial institutions to embed financial products into their apps.


You focus on innovating, prototyping and launching your amazing new fintech idea and building financial and payments into you apps and we focus on the rest.

Small and Large Enterprises

You have built a great business and proven your product, now it's time to extend embedded customers' payment experience and embed financial products into your offering and launch into new countries. Telco, Insurance, Retailers etc

Start building with Blusalt

Whether you are automating your business finances, providing payment, banking or card issuance services to your customers, Blusalt APIs give you the embedded toolkit to build, adapt and thrive


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